On Location: A few days in Dubrovnik

by Ben Heys, July 28, 2013


On my recent, family oriented trip to the UK I decided on the spur of the moment near the end of the trip to stay a bit longer and go see somewhere else in Europe.  It was “throw a dart at a map” kind of decision making and it just so happened that out of nowhere a couple friends of mine from totally different circles had been talking, in the last week, about how great Croatia is supposed to be.

Feeling that that was reason enough to make Croatia the destination of my short European wander and wanting this trip to be more photographic in nature I settled on both a destination and a travelling companion.  The destination should be obvious by now but to for of you who don’t follow my facebook feed, the travelling companion was London model, winner of “most infectious smile ever” award, the beautiful Amee.

We didn’t get in quite as much shooting as we’d hoped, but we did manage a couple sessions out of which we got some amazing shots.  One session in particular will always be memorable as while I was concentrating through the viewfinder, zoomed in to 200mm laying down on the street, yelling direction to Amee I got so caught up in the moment and the shoot that I didn’t notice the attention we were attracting.  At one stage I had to get up and physically run up to Amee to explain some sort of movement or other that I wanted her to do and as I rose I kinda looked around in awe.  Firstly there was a crowd around us that any busker would be envious of and they were somehow ALL staying out of the shot, I had a long empty section of wall and pavement trailing back that no soul was entering.  But the truly amazing thing was the long line of tourists that had their cameras out eagerly shooting Amee as well.  Must have been 6 or 7 of them at the very least just in a single line shooting and then other random people in the crowd shooting her too.  It reminded me of one of those paparazzi shots you see with a whole group of camera wielding maniacs mobbing some celebrity or other, only these were keeping a respectful distance.  Stupidly I never got the shot of it…for some reason it didn’t occur to me until after we’d finished up and were enjoying a coffee that that would have made for a brilliant shot.  Oh well, another entry on the already crowded “awesome shots missed” board.

What to say about Dubrovnik?  It’s hard, it really is because it’s the type of place that neither words nor pictures do justice.  Let me put it this way, if ever I decide to get married I now know where I’ll be spending the honeymoon.  Fairytale castles, dazzling views, crisp, clear waters, sheer cliffs, amazing architecture, there is quite literally beauty everywhere you look in Dubrovnik.  When you walk down the main street in Old Town you are walking on marble.  You can sit in a quiet little cafe and feel like James Bond awaiting a contact, sipping a latte or eat dinner by candle light, surrounded by the comforting texture of stone, taking in the beautiful architecture and carvings and let the conversation be guided by the romantic notes drifting from the guitar of the nearby musician, of which all are damn good.

I’ve travelled a fair bit now but I’ve never been to a place like Dubrovnik.  I imagine there are probably many others of similar allure and beauty dotted around Europe and I hope to see as many as I can some day.  However for now Dubrovnik stands up there with the most beautiful and magnificent of places I’ve seen…and I have a feeling it always will.

I hope you enjoy the shots:




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