My first video – Risque fashion teaser 1

by Ben Heys, August 8, 2013

Today I’m releasing my very first video creation (besides a couple screen capture editing sessions). I had originally planned on putting together a full mini feature of around 3-5mins give or take in length. However I lost my first half-finished draft due to not saving (don’t ask). And I gotta say that learning to edit video from a standing start is a fiddly and slow process. As such I decided to break it up and edit together short “teaser” sequences. That way I can play with a couple techniques in a short clip, get some practice in on something that I can work on for a couple hours and at the end have something to show for it. Also it probably doesn’t hurt, building up to the full release with a series of short trailers.

On the editing side I used Adobe Premier Pro to put the whole thing together and Twixtor pro for the slo mo stuff. The intro I put together very quickly with a site called Intro Maker, this lets you input a logo and choose from a variety of different effects. The system then processes your order and emails you out the finished video within a half hour. Pretty neat! The only other program I had to use was something to convert the .mov file that the intro site created into something that Premier on my windows machine could read. For this I google gave me a program called Prism video file converter.

Anyway on to the clip, please throw a like at the vid if you enojoy that little snip and want to see more. I’m brand new over on youtube so I can do with all the help getting the ball rolling that I can get. Anyway thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the clip:

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    • Martin
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    • September 18, 2013

    my premiere reads all mov files on windows - just install quicktime player and all becomes supported. movs from 5dmark2 play realtime in premiere.

      • Ben Heys
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      • September 18, 2013

      I tried that Martin but it didn't seem to work for me. That was the first solution google brought back at me but even after installing QT and making sure all the latest updates etc were in place Premiere still didn't recognise the file. So I had to explore other options. I'm a total novice with video though so there's a good chance I have some settings wrong somewhere in Premiere *shrugs* got what I needed anyway so all's well that ends well

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