On Location: Nardia at Serene Sands Resort Thailand

by Ben Heys, August 5, 2013

Another republish of an older shoot this one is from November 2011.

A couple weeks ago through an unfortunate set of occurrences I ended up meeting a couple pretty cool people.  The first is Nardia, the model in this shoot. She ended up being a substitute called in at the last second when things went spectacularly awry with the first model. The second being Ian Barclay, the excitable Scottish bloke who is himself a decent snapper, model psychologist, impassioned shirt connoisseur (trust me, you don’t want to wear a Hawaiian shirt in front of this guy) and finally the owner of the resort these images were shot at. The beautiful Serene Sands Health Resort.

He even came to pick us up in the morning when the taxi driver didn’t know the way and we ended up reversing back along a decent length of Sukhumvidt highway.  Only in Thailand (or Cambodia). I had verbal directions but I’d never been there before and it’s amazing how many green signs there are about when you are looking for the bastards…

Anyway Nardia proved to be an enthusiastic model with a free and creative spirit who was a joy to work with and we came away with some images we can both be proud to add to our folios.  Thanks to Nardia for jumping in at the last moment and getting to us for the shoot and for such a tremendous effort and thanks to Ian for the excellent location and back up.



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