Pangkor monkeys

by Ben Heys, October 3, 2013

Sep 6th 2007

Before I write a post on the island itself and where we stayed I thought I’d pop up a bit about the monkeys.  Chaotic little bastards that they are.  Our first encounter with them was when we first got to our room at Pangkor Island Resort (the ‘splurge’ part of the journey).  First afternoon I walked outside to see a monkey sitting on the fence to our villa only meters away, I quickly ran in and got the camera and Celine decided to feed him a banana, as soon as he saw the food he charged Celine (which I think I found a whole heap funnier than she did).  After that she’d scream and hide away indoors whenever the monkeys came, but it’s all good – I got a couple good shots of that first monkey eating a banana (kinda stereotypical though I know).

Second day on walking back to the villa I spied a couple monkeys break into one of the resort buildings through the window, seconds later I hear a high pitched scream, some thuds and out fly both monkeys, one with a bag full of something in hand.  Next thing come resort staff running out the front door but the monkeys were long gone.

Not much more to say about them aside that they are highly amusing, very cute & all over the place climbing on everything, strolling along the paths and just wreaking general havoc.  I imagine for the staff there that they are a right pain in the arse.  Anyways on to the pics:

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