Studio Sessions: Harem girl Jay D

by Ben Heys, September 8, 2013

Long overdue for the focus of an article is this all time classic shoot with the amazing Jess, aka Jay D. What makes it an all time classic?

Well seeing as you asked…

It’s mainly all because of one shot that came out of it. It’s one of my most popular images of all time, easily in my top 5. It’s become a bit of a joke with Jess as this image keeps popping up all sorts of odd places (due to royalty free stock sales). From book covers, to nightclub flyers to print ads, even a perfume, Flourish used it as it’s main promotional image.

The harem girl outfit she is wearing in it (it’s the top image below) was just something I threw together using some sheer material and a few large metal curtain rod rings, courtesy of a trip to Spotlight and aside from that outfit I’d hastily thrown together the night before we really didn’t have many plans for this shoot. In fact that morning when James turned up to help out with the shoot and asked me what the plan was I replied something along the lines of “no idea at all”.

Which isn’t entirely unusual for me. We were shooting in a professional studio with all manner of lights at our disposal (thanks to Barry Cheeseman for supplying his Mystique of images studio to shoot in). This combined with the bags of clothes and accessories I always bring to a shoot, combined with what the model brings always makes for lots of options. Sometimes it’s true that a shoot can have a distinct focus and plan, especially the more involved themed shoots simply must be set up that way. However 9 times out of 10 when I get together with a model to pump out some folio work I just like to wing it. Go with the flow and see what the model brings, see how the shoot goes. See what sort of looks and outfits seem to lend themselves to the day.

This is one of the reasons I love to shoot stock, it lets me approach shoots in a much more flexible way than if I had to shoot for a client or an editor or a specific project. And to be honest that just suits my personality.

In any case we cycled through a bunch of different outfits and looks in the half a day or so we were in the studio and to say that it was a good day’s shooting would be something of an understatement. Enjoy the images!




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