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Women of beauty

If there’s one subject I love to shoot more than any other it’s a truly beautiful woman. The women I photograph come from all walks of life, from professional models with literally hundreds of photoshoots under their belts to first time models. Some are sexy sirens, others incredibly cute girls next door and then there are the stunning fashion models dripping with attitude, and everything in between. But they all have one thing in common, beauty. For work I shoot a range of styles from straight fashion and beauty to sensual artistic nude. However it’s the nude end of the spectrum that has my fascination, that’s where my passion really lies. I don’t tend to focus too much on the sexy or erotic side of the nude, though I do tend to venture there at times. Rather I absolutely love the style found in fashion photography and so I tend to shoot a lot of what seems to be an emerging popular trend in photography of late: fashion nude. I define fashion nude as: the style of a fashion image with the focus more on the beauty of the model and her body rather than on the clothing.

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Exotic Travel Destinations

My other main love with photography (and life in general) is travel. I find a deep satisfaction and contentment in discovering new places, spending time around people vastly different to those I grew up around. I’ve traveled around parts of Canada and America, Asia, Europe, much of Australia and New Zealand.

Each place has it’s merits but I find I tend to be drawn the most to Asia. From the mountains above Chang Mai in the north of Thailand to the beaches of Koh Samui, to the lovely people of Malaysia (overall the most genuinely friendly people on the planet I’ve found so far), to the almost uninhabited islands off the coast of Cambodia, to the quaint charm of Hoi Ann, Vietnam, even the bustling cities of Singapore & Bangkok. I just love SE Asia.

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